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Concrete Curbing

Curbing is a continual piece of concrete that is mixed and installed on-site. With a variety of styles, colors and patterns to choose from, our curbing is guaranteed to outlast all edging competitors while creating stunning landscape appeal. Our concrete is mixed with strength additives to withstand Wisconsin cold winters, heavy lawn mower tires and keeping landscape bed materials in place.

Scroll down to learn more about curbing styles, colors, patterns, installation process and more!

Slant Style

  • Most Popular Style
  • Roller/Texture, Stamp and Natural Patterns offered
  • Made Strong for Mower Tire

Square Style

  • Great For Parking Lots
  • Roller/Texture and Stamp Patterns Offered
  • Locks in Landscape Materials

Mower Style

  • Most Efficient for Mowing
  • Limited to Colors Only
  • Clean Landscape Look

Curbing Patterns

Our curbing is completely customizable! With a variety of patterns to choose from, you are able to choose the perfect pattern to enhance the landscape appearance of your home or business! 

Texture & Roller Patterns

Texture and roller patterns are created by simply rolling the designated pattern onto the wet concrete soon after it's laid. As a cheaper option, it still produces that beautiful, clean-cut look you're looking for in your landscape! 


Spanish Texture


Rock Texture

Random Rock

Aussie Cobble

Wood Grain

Stamp Patterns

With a beautiful, deep imprint into the concrete stamp patterns give more of the eye-catching appeal from a distance. They are perfectly hand-stamped by our team of curb specialists and brushed over to eliminate cracking.  

H Block

Spanish Texture with stamped "H" 

Cobble Tile

Rock Texture with stamped cuts on the face

Large Tile

Spanish Texture with stamped cuts on the face

Random Cobble Tile

Rock Texture with random stamped cuts on the face

Natural Curb

We have perfected the "natural" landscape edge look with our exceptional hand-crafted artistry, enhanced with a three color blend to give a continuous natural rock appearance.  If you are looking for a stunning natural edge to your landscape, Natural Curb is for you! 

Curbing Colors

With over 25 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect color for your curb! Most customers choose to match their curb color to their siding, landscape theme or an accent color on their home or business. Choose your color today! 

The Curbing Process

Are you interested in the curb installation process? Here are the steps we take to install your curbing. 

Paint Out

Before installation, our foreman will walk around with you to do a "Paint Out". This is where we spray paint the ground exactly where you would like the curbing and go over any questions.

Trench Prep

Next, we use a sod cutter to cut a 1 inch deep and 12 inch wide trench along the spray painted lines.  We then level the trenches so that the curb lays flat and at the front of the trench.

Mix Concrete

We mix our concrete on-site. The concrete is mixed with fiber mesh, torpedo sand and the color of your choice! We then wheelbarrow it onto your lawn!

No heavy machinery required!


Finally we are able to "pump out" the concrete using a machine called an extruder. This machine forms the continuous piece of curbing while running a stainless steel galvanized cable through the center for extra strength.


Once laid, the concrete needs to be troweled to smooth the surface of the curb. The pattern is then applied with control joints cut about an inch into the curb and every 2 feet to avoid cracking. Controlled Joints help with seasonal movement.


About 1-2 weeks after installation, we will put a concrete sealant on your curbing. We suggest re-sealing your curb every 2-3 years. 

Re-Seal Services

Re-sealing your curb is quick and easy with us! 

For proper concrete curb maintenance, we suggest re-sealing your concrete curb every 2-3 years. Not only does re-sealing your curb provide a new, clear coat to protect from Wisconsin elements, it immediately brings the color and curb back to life.  Fully equipped with efficient sealing equipment, we will be in and out in under 20 minutes! Let us take the stress of re-sealing your curb off your shoulders!