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Patios & Concrete Flatwork

Patios are a great way to make your outdoor area more functional for entertaining guests, grilling delicious food or enjoying time around a fire. With the ability to build flexible designs, we create patios in any shape - we can even build a beautiful walkway leading up to your patio so you don't have to walk through the grass or snow. Priced by the square foot, we offer a wide variety of colors, designs and stamps to enhance the function & beauty of your yard. 

Scroll down to learn more about patio stamps, colors, flatwork, the installation process and more!

Patio & Concrete Stamps

With over 10 years of experience, we offer a variety of detailed stamp patterns to choose from. If nothing here catches your eye, feel free to Google "stamped patios" and we have the ability to obtain the pattern of your interest from one of our suppliers. Below are the most popular patterns we install for patios/concrete flatwork. Make your yard functional and beautiful with a concrete patio today! 


English Ashlar


Texture with Rock Border

Wood Plank



Random Rock

Add a fire pit, pillars and sitting walls to your patio!

Patio & Concrete Colors

With over 50 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect color for your patio/concrete! Most customers choose to match their patio color to their siding, landscape theme or an accent color on their home or business. Choose your color today!

Concrete Flatwork

Looking for a more traditional, plain grey look?

We do that too!

From driveways to sidewalks and even patios and landing pads, we offer the traditional broom finish to create that clean-cut look with the strength to withstand vehicles, lawnmowers and large storage containers.

Let us make life easier with a concrete base!

Are you interested in the process it takes to install a patio/flatwork? Here are the steps we take!

Paint Out

Before installation, our foreman go through the area with you to do a "Paint Out". This is where we spray paint the ground exactly where you would like the edges of the patio/concrete and go over any questions.

Dig Out

After the paint out, we dig out the area for the patio, add gravel for strength and ensure it is level with the grade of your yard. 


Next, we will form the edges of your patio with flexible boards to create the patio/concrete design. We also add re-bar to enhance concrete strength.

Pour & Stamp

Finally the fun part, we wheelbarrow or use a small bobcat to haul in the concrete for minimal grass damage. We wait for the optimal time to stamp the concrete for perfect pattern imprints.


About 1-2 weeks after installation, we will put a concrete sealant on your patio. We suggest re-sealing your patio/concrete flatwork every 2-3 years. 

Re-Seal Services

Re-sealing your patio is quick and easy with us!

For proper concrete maintenance, we suggest re-sealing your patio every 2-3 years. Not only does re-sealing your patio give it a new, clear coat to protect from Wisconsin elements, it immediately brings the color and patio back to life. Fully equipped with efficient sealing equipment, we are in and out in under 20 minutes! Let us take the stress of re-sealing your patio off your shoulders!